2017 maybe the year of direct mail for at least 5 reasons

Marketing managers still need to post material even though digital technology has overtaken the print media. The return on investment largely depends on the traditional method of Direct Mail. But what has changed in this regard is the professional access to the right mailing list to make the ROI more convincing. There are at least 5 reasons that will bring home this point.

Current statistics say it all

Infotrends made a study on reliability and positive impact of direct mail in the US cities in March 2016 and found:

  • 66% of direct mails are opened and the content is read.
  • 82% of DM is read for more than a minute… that is far more than the 0.04 seconds on the digital platform.
  • 56% readers went online and checked the website.
  • 63% consumers even made a purchase.
  • 84% readers felt addressing the mail to them personally made them feel important.

5 ways to boost your chances of DM efforts

  1. Make unique landing page, have QR codes and personalized URLS.
  2. Augmented Reality has the power to attract the consumer and also have a tight leash on the budget. A fun campaign gets better responses.
  3. Try sending the message in a bottle rather than an envelope. Another shape, dimension or style will attract better attention and responses. It ensures the message is read.
  4. Make many folds and make it compact. As the message is opened it reveals and piques curiosity too. The reader is likely to grasp every word.
  5. Video mail is beginning to make an impact. It is new and costly. But as it gets successful, it will be a viable option. Fit in a relevant video in the marketing plan depending on the solution required by your enterprise.